Helping You Realize The Sound Of Your Mind


Welcome to Minds Eye Sound, where we help you realize the sound of your mind. 

With versatile recording services to accommodate most projects and budgets, we will help bring that demo, EP, or full-length album project to life.

We also offer services like drum tracks from a seasoned and versatile session drummer, drum sound replacement, vocal overdubs, mixing, band pre-production and coaching, and studio engineering lessons.

Check out the music page for examples of previous sonic realizations.


Meet the Producer

Chad Jackson, owner of Minds Eye Sound, has 20-plus years of experience as an engineer, producer, live and session drummer, and artist. Being a musician himself, he understands what it takes to be a solo artist quickly wanting to demo a song, just as much as a band wanting to record a meticulously arranged album.  

At Minds Eye Sound we believe in WIN-WIN relationships that benefit everyone involved. 

Contact us and let us know how we can help you realize the sound of your mind. And thank you.

The house kit at Minds Eye Sound can be customized to suit any song.

The house kit at Minds Eye Sound can be customized to suit any song.

Studio Gear

Software and Plugins

  • Pro Tools 10 and 11
  • Focusrite Saffire MixControl 
  • API 550-A EQ 
  • API 550-B EQ 
  • Waves RChannel EQ 
  • SSL Channel Strip 
  • SSL EQ 
  • SSL G Channel Strip 
  • SPL Graphic EQ’s 
  • Eventide Ultrachannel Strip 
  • Waves C4 Multiband Parametric Processor 
  • Waves CLA 2-A Compressor/Limiter 
  • Waves CLA 3-A Compressor/Limiter 
  • Waves CLA 76 Compressor/Limiter 
  • Waves dbx 160 Compressor/Limiter 
  • Waves R Compressor 
  • SSL Compressor 
  • Unflitered Audio G8 Dynamic Gate 
  • Slate fg-grey Virtual Buss Compressor 
  • Slate FG-MU Virtual Buss Compressor 
  • Slate FG-RED Virtual Buss Compressor 
  • Waves TrueVerb
  • Abbey Road Reverb Plates
  • Abbey Road J37 Tape Machine
  • Waves H-Verb Reverb 
  • iZotope DDLY Dynamic Delay Processor 
  • Waves Manny Marroquin Dealy 
  • Waves Abbey Road Studios Reel ADT  
  • Avid Eleven Guitar Amps 
  • Tech 21 Sans Amp PSA-1 
  • Softube Saturation Knob 
  • Slate Revival 
  • Slate The Monster Extreme Dynamic Processor
  • Steven Slate Trigger Drum Replacement 
  • iZotope Vinyl
  • Soundtoys Echo Boy Jr. Delay
  • Klanghelm MJUC variable-tube compressor


    Hardware and Rack Gear

    • Focusrite Liquid Saffire 28 input Interface with 8 Channel Preamp  
    • Vintech Audio x73i Neve 1073 Preamp 
    • Avid Eleven Rack Guitar Interface and Processor  
    • Alesis Masterlink ML-9600 Hard Disc Recorder 
    • Focal Shape 40 4" Powered Studio Monitor
    • DBX 386 Stereo Tube/Digital Preamp
    • ART Pro VLA Stereo Vactol/Tube Leveling Amplifier
    • Behringer MDX2200 Composer Pro Stereo Dynamics Processor
    • BAE UK Sound 1173 preamp and compressor 




          Drums and Cymbals 

          • Pearl BLX Birch Drum Kit - 10", 12", 13", 15", 22" kick 
          • Groove Percussion Maple Jazz Drum Kit - 10", 14", 16" kick 
          • Pearl 5.5"x14" Free-Floating Maple Snare 
          • Pearl 3"x13" Steel Piccolo Snare 
          • Ludwig 6.5"x14" LM-402 Supraphonic Aluminum Snare 
          • DW 6.5"x14" Collector's Series Black Nickel over Brass Snare 
          • DW 6"x10" PDP 805 Soprano Snare 
          • Groove Percussion 5"x12" Maple Snare 
          • Latin Percussion 6" and 8" Mini-Timbales 
          • Latin Percussion Aspire 6.75" and 8" Oak Bongos 
          • Cosmic Percussion 15" Djembe 
          • Sabian 7" Mike Portnoy Max Splash 
          • Sabian 10" Vintage AAX Splash 
          • Sabian 10" HHX Splash  
          • Wuhan 12" China  
          • Wuhan 18" China  
          • Zildjian 6" Zil-Bel  
          • LP 7" Ice Bell 
          • Zildjian 14" K Custom Mastersound Hi-Hats 
          • Zildjian 14" Vintage Rock Hi-Hats 
          • Sabian 14" B8 Hi-Hats 
          • Zildjian 16" Vintage Brilliant Thin Crash 
          • Zildjian 16" A Custom Fast Crash  
          • Zildjian 18" A Custom Fast Crash 
          • Sabian 18" Vintage AAX Crash 
          • Zildjian 19" K Custom Hybrid Crash 
          • Sabian 20" Vintage AAX Ride   
          • Bosphorus 21" New Orleans Jazz Ride with 1 rivet 
          • Sabian 22" Chester Thompson Signature Liquid Ride with 3 rivets


          Instruments and Amps 

          • Fender Stratocaster - Left Handed 
          • Fender Japanese P-Bass  
          • Taylor 314CE Acoustic Guitar - Left Handed 
          • Nord Electro2 Seventy-Three Analog Modeling Keyboard   
          • Fender Blues Junior 10" Speaker 15-Watt Amp 
          • Pignose Legendary 7-100 6" Speaker 5-Watt Amp 
          • Line 6 Spider 112 12" Speaker 50-Watt Modeling Amp 
          • Fishman Loudbox Mini 6.5" Speaker 60-Watt Acoustic Amp



          • Lewitt LCT940 Tube/FET Multipattern Condenser 
          • Avantone CV-12 Large-diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone 
          • ElectroVoice RE-20  
          • Shure KSM 44 Multipattern Condenser x 2 
          • Telefunken M80  
          • Shure Beta 57  
          • Shure SM57 x 3  
          • Shure SM58  
          • AKG D112   
          • Behringer B-1 Condenser

          Contact us about how we can help you realize the sound of your mind.
          And thank you.