Drum Lessons

With each student, I try to help them discover and realize their latent potential to create music and enjoy making music. 

In the process, we experience the benefits of music which include:

  • improved awareness
  • improved self-worth
  • better performance in school/work
  • higher self-esteem
  • more confidence 

And we have a lot of fun along the way!

My Teaching Philosophy:

  • Every student is different. Therefore, I customize lesson plans and choose materials specifically to meet the needs and goals of each student.  There is no "one size fits all".
  • Every student progresses at a different pace.  Tangible progress happens with healthy, consistent amounts of motivated practice time with a constant hunger to want to get better. 
  • There are NO shortcuts. Becoming a better musician involves diligent study and consistent practice..."What you get out of it depends on what you put into it."  
  • Every student needs the constant support, nurture and encouragement of friends and family. 
  • Ask your musician friend or family member to play what they've been working on or practicing, and you will make their day. 

Here's a small sample of the concepts we work on...

  • technique, coordination, and independence 
  • how to play songs 
  • stick technique 
  • control and its by-product: speed 
  • sight reading  
  • dynamics and their importance 
  • solo and ensemble/honor band prep 
  • how to develop great practice habits 
  • how to construct and write an exciting drum part 
  • how to support a band 
  • grooves for all popular genres 
  • soloing concepts and fills 
  • rudiments and etudes

Lessons with Flexible Schedules, Affordable Rates, and Fun!

All lessons are taught from the convenience of your home or at my professional recording studio located in Holly Hill.

45 minute or hour long lessons are available depending on the student's goals and needs.