Chad Jackson: The Artist

Drummer. Singer. Recordist. Producer. Songwriter.

"Your life reflects your music reflects your life" 


Born in northern Virginia, raised in Florida, my family moved a lot when I was a kid. While it was always sad to leave familiar places and friends, it was equally exciting to meet new people and have new experiences. As a wee little lad, I was drawn to all things music. From being intrigued with how the windshield wipers lined up with the song on the radio, sitting on the piano stool listening to my grandmother sing and play, banging around on my Papa's Native American Indian drum for hours, or taking apart boom box stereos to learn how they played and recorded sound. It was all fascinating! A good chunk of my middle and high school years were spent playing on blocks of wood, practice pads, and various schools books for hours after school just trying to make it sound like a "real" drum set.  I drummed along to my favorite tapes - Led Zeppelin, Rush, Genesis, Phil Collins, Yes, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd - until I knew every note. At the same time, I was very blessed to have some savvy band directors that taught me concert-style drumming, marching drumming, jazz, and blues. At Florida State University, while "studying" psychology, most of my time was spent woodshedding, playing in bands, or recording on my 4-track. I got to have a little taste of success with my first original band, Remington Ride, and that was all it took to hook me! We went into a recording studio in Tallahassee to record our first EP and I thought it was the coolest place EVER! Soon my 4-track tape recorder became an 8-track, then a 12-track, then a digital workstation, and finally Pro Tools with more microphones and more gear to record my demos, my bands' albums, and my friends' projects. 
In 2000, I relocated to Atlanta with some friends for more teaching, playing, and recording opportunities. After leading a few original projects, I joined jam-rock pioneers Ancient Harmony and toured with them through 2002 playing clubs, theatres, and festivals across the country.  With Ancient Harmony and other groups, I've played over 1500 shows and got to share the stage with the likes of Jeff CoffinRandall BramblettChuck LeavellJimmy Hall, Scott Boyer, Yonrico Scott, Wendell Cox, Tommy Dean, Benji Shanks, Rev. Jeff Mosier, and Kofi Burbridge.  I also got to play on a bunch of studio sessions over the years at Tree Sound Studios, Nickel and Dime Studios, and Wonderdog Sounds. Some notable highlights were Tommy Talton’s “Live Notes From Athens”Mark Michaelson’s “In This World But Not Of It” and Lingo’s “Someday”.

In early 2004, Minds Eye Sound was born out of a need to record a demo for our band, One Ton Tablespoon. After years of cassette recorders and all-in-one digital workstations, by summer 2004 I finally put together a decent sounding recording setup for singer-songwriter and band demos. I spent time with my engineer friends at Tree Sound Studios, Nickel and Dime Studios, and The Loft Recording Studio learning about their classic gear like 1176's, Neve 1073's, and C414's by sitting in on sessions. I recorded my bands and all my friends' bands to get as much experience as I could. A ten-year stint as session drummer and assistant engineer at Wonderdog Sounds in Marietta, GA  taught me so much. Under the tutelage of Mark Michaelson, I learned session management, creative micing, pre-production techniques, mixing strategies, and other very useful ways to make the most out of every session.  All the while I was using every dime I made through gigs, sessions, and recording to reinvest in better equipment for Minds Eye Sound. Along the way, I've been very fortunate to work with talented, inspiring bands and artists including Captain Solarcat, Catherine Czar, Tommy Talton, Soulhound, Lingo, Jonathan Dotson, DVD&The Boys, Mark Michaelson Band, Charlie Starr, Bama Gamblers, and Moontower

In June 1017, I released my first solo album called "Full Circle". There's a bunch of my great friends on the album and we had a blast making it. We recorded the whole thing here at Minds Eye Sound. I also just finished playing and tracking an album's worth of drum tracks for my great friend and collaborator Jason Ezzell - he's got a killer album on the way. In addition, we recently finished mixing a song that was also recorded here by the amazingly talented Catherine Czar. You can check out her stuff here

2018 has started off busy for us at MES. We're recording an album for a brilliant songwriter and keyboardist, Niki Mousikos. Also, we're finishing tracking 2 tunes and then mixing the upcoming Payne Brothers album. We certainly feel blessed to work with such talented, humble, and kind artists! 

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